I am a daughter.

This is my mother...

..her name is Donnita Mae Nesbit Fisher and she's a force of nature. With a name like "Donnita" I suppose you kind of have to be. To me, it's one of those names that are full of strength and promise - without ever meeting her, you can tell the kind of person Donnita Nesbit Fisher is. A force of nature.
With Mother's Day approaching I see a lot of people saying things like "My mom is perfect in every way!" or "My mom is the best ever!" I have a hard time saying those things. Before you label me a horrible child and an ungrateful brat - hear me out. I had (and have) the kind of mother that taught me never to sugar-coat life. She taught me that true honesty was acknowledging the strengths and faults of someone and loving them anyways. Salt is what gives food flavor - and the grains of salt that are life's imperfections are what make people so perfectly imperfect.

So I'll say the thing you're not supposed to say on Mother's Day - my mother is not perfect. It's ok though, becuase neither am I. We work well together - and she compliments me (or maybe I compliment her - she DID come first) in ways that make us a great team...imperfections and all.

Like I said, my mother is a force of nature. She's strong, stubborn, quick witted and hard-working. She's full of fire, but cools down quickly. She reacts well under pressure and is the person to know during a deadline or crisis. She's one of those people you never forget. Maybe becuase her name is Donnita (how many Donnitas do YOU know?)- but I like to think it's something more. So I'm sure my mother is still suprised that all that is her made all that is me. Me - the thin skinned, kind of lazy, wildy goofy child. I'd much rather watch TV all day than get any work done. I don't do well under pressure and I WILL throw up during a crisis. We are different in so many ways it's no surprise there were a few rough years for us along the way. We fought, we yelled, we cried.....but we also grew.

I grew. I learned what it means to "sit down and buck up." I learned how it feels to swallow your fears and anxiety and get the job done. I grew a little thicker skin but learned to keep my heart tender. I learned how to defend my beliefs and actions and what true conviction looks like. I learned all these things from and because of my mother. Although a lot of my lessons were learned with tears and frustration - looking back, I wouldn't change one single thing. Becuase I also learned that conflict isn't a bad thing- it's actually where you find the most growth. Those fights I hated so much as a hard-headed teenager have helped solidify our present-day relationship. And even though we fought and even though there were times where I thought we'd never get here - AND even though it's cliche to say so around this time of year...Donnita Nesbit Fisher is one of my best friends. Not becuase she's been the perfect mother, but becusae she's been herself - and loved me in whatever way I needed (not wanted) it over the years.

So happy Mother's Day Momma. Thank you for not being perfect. For fighting with me. For fighting for me. For pushing me. Thank you for letting go of me these past two years - I know it has been one of the hardest things you've ever had to do.

I am a daughter. I am a better person because of my mother. I am moving back to Texas as soon as possible to share life with the woman who knows and loves me best.

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