I am a believer.

i am a believer in things.
unexplainable, unattainable, impossible things. of words that rhyme and speak to your soul. of faces that chase and go where you go. of junk and knickknacks from other worlds. of places where adventure attacks and unfurls. of hair that gives you rebirth and new hope.  of songs that speak to things you don't know. of rooms that comfort and colors that scare. of smells that follow and you find everywhere. of the color red in the back of your eyelids. in the delicate pink that the first morning sky is.

i am a believer of people.
who will hurt you and murder you and eat out your brains. who are worthless and toothless and probably insane. who would rather just die than put one foot in front of the other. those who are broken with guilt from another. who hate everything and everyone. who can't remember how it feels to have fun. who are sick and hurt and ache. who long for another time and place. of the girl in the corner who thinks no one wants her. of the boy who gets so angry he feels like a monster. in the ugly, the crying, the messy, the dying. of the people who feel things you shouldn't feel. and the people who see things that shouldn't be real. in those who try and try but just.....can't. those who feel insignificant.

i am a believer of dreams.
the kind you know will never come true. the ones where magic becomes part of you. dreams that live and breath on their own. dreams that put you high on a throne. dreams that eat at the blackness inside. ones where you wake up and just sob and cry. dreams that make you wonder what you have become. dreams where you find the things that you love. dreams that make you doubt your innocent intentions. ones that address your sick, twisted dementias.

i am a believer in all the wrong things. because i believe life is never how it seems.

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