I am a nice person.

Someone broke in to my car last night. I wish there was some witty, insightful thing I could immediately take away from all of this - but I'm just left feeling....violated. I mean, it was MY car, in front of MY house, with MY purse and MY credit cards in it. I just wonder what gives anyone else the idea they have some sort of claim to what I've worked hard for (or been generously given from family members).

Two things really upset me about all of this - how easily someone violated what I consider my personal space, and the lack of understading of the mentality behind someone who would commit this crime.

Guys, I'm a nice person. I mean, not nice in the way that I won't talk behind your back (I totally will) but nice in the way that I'd do/give almost anything to someone who needed it. As already covered, I have a bleeding heart - making me ready to open my house, money and life to those who need a helping hand. I try to give when I can, listen when it's helpful and encourage when needed. Not because I think this will earn me any extra points with the big guy, or some sort of magic "nice person" bonus in life - but because I really do have compassion for the lives other people have to lead (my life is sometimes tough and I think I have it pretty easy). How can you not see how hard people work to make it through life and find some sort of compassion for it all? Sometimes it hurts my stomach to think about how hard my parents and their parents worked to get me in the place I am today - I have been blessed beyond words...why would a total stranger think they have a right to that sacrifice? My grandfather, who worked with machines nearly all his life, gave me that car. It cost him more than money to work and be able to gift me with a good, reliable car.

Hopefully whoever stole my things found what they were looking for - and hopefully it doesn't involve any more of my stuff.

I am a nice person. Some people are not. This is life.

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