I am what I am.

Blogs are now cool. Almost everyone I know has one, and almost everyone I know has some sort of neat, interesting angle to write from.

I'm a young mom! Read about my adorable adventures in parenting.
I'm a funny person! Read about my hilarious trials and experiences.
I'm doing missions! Read about the exotic locations and fascinating people I meet.
I'm creative! Read about all the cute and artistic things I make.
I'm a smart person! Read about my theories and musings on life!

Guess what? I'm none. of. the. above. Not to say I can't be any one of those attributes at some time or another (except for the young mom - that's something I don't want to be ANY day of the week) - but I just am a middle of the road kind of person. I try to fit in wherever I am - sometimes I'm cracking jokes, sometimes I'm dreaming big, sometimes I'm having deep philosophical discussions and most of the time - I'm just trying to get to know someone better in whichever way makes them feel most comfortable.

So what the heck should I write about? I'm quite positive no body in their right mind (except for maybe my mother) would like to read about how I go to work every day, answer the same six questions for 8 hours; come home - play with my dog; cook dinner; and then pretty much pass out on my couch for the rest of the night.

Mabye that's my angle.
A lot of people have the luxury of knowing who they are - and where they're heading in life. But that's always been something I've had trouble with. I want to be it all - and want to do nothing to get there.

So welcome to my journey of definition. Who am I? Who do I want to be?....and how am I going to get there?

I have no clue.
But I am what I am - now let's work on finding out just what/who that is.

Picture: My favorite version of me.

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